All work and no play makes us unhealthy and unhappy.  While being driven helps us get the job done, sometimes we forget about our health. I believe we need to  integrate three things into our lives for a balance that works:

Healthy movement: Get outside, go for a walk.  Put time at the gym in your calendar or schedule time for something gentle yet challenging such as yoga.  I’m available for private yoga classes in person or via Zoom. Just click below.

Healthy thinking: Studies show that meditation can help with everything from lowering your blood pressure to lowering violence in war torn parts of the world. Need some help getting into a meditation  practice?  Make an appointment today.

Healthy eating:  The food we eat impacts us at all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally.  I’ve been gluten free for over 17 years (long before it was popular!) and practice what I preach, making food that is both delicious and good for you. I even wrote a book about it!  Do you need help making choices that nourish your  body, increase your energy and reduce inflammation?
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