Discover the Transformational Power of Conversation with consultant and coach, Mary Frances.

As a consultant and a coach, I facilitate thought-provoking, creative conversations to optimize personal and professional potential. Whether you have a new business or ministry or specific project, I can help you or your team succeed. In every situation, I draw upon my experience and expertise while respecting yours.

As your consultant, I can help you:
• start something from scratch,
• develop long and short term strategic plans,
• create processes and procedures, and
• identify barriers to success.

Engage me as your coach to:
• help you discover and clarify what you want to achieve,
• encourage you to develop creative solutions and actionable plans and then,
• hold you accountable for following-through to achieve goals—short or long term; personal (e.g., health, relationship, financial); professional (e.g., business, ministry, career).

Are you ready to go from good enough to great?

Please accept my offer of a free 20-minute coaching session to discuss your needs and learn more about my consulting and coaching style. Click to schedule with the sidebar button.